New draught proof windows & doors

We remove the existing sashes from the box frame, remove the any old/flaky paint. Sand the box frame down completely. Hoover any debris and clear away. Install new sash cords and weigh the sashes to get the correct weight. Hang the sashes on the new cords and begin to install the draught proofing. Cut new staff beads and finish off with a caulk line around the staff beads.

General Repairs

Major rot can be cut out and removed, we can splice and fill with timber and resin. Tenon joint repairs on joints of sashes with screws and resin. Adds more strength to old sashes, especially where the joints are starting to open up.

New joinery/Double Glazing/Sill Repair

New sashes can be measured, manufactured and installed. To match your existing windows, including double glazing. We can also replace rotten window sills with new hardwood, installed in the traditional manor and not slipped.

Secondary glazing & glazing repair

Secondary glazing can be measured, manufactured and installed. We can also repair glazing by removing broken panes of glass and replacing them, using the traditional method of Putty.

Sash cord repairs

Replacing broken cords with new cords to get the windows working again.

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